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Cal State Fresno Re-Orders from Eustis Chair

Two years after moving into the new Henry Madden Library, planners at California State University, Fresno reconfigured some space and needed 62 more reader chairs. There was no question where to go for the chairs; the only question was Westlake or Jenkins, both of which... Read More

Jenkins and Westlake chairs

Cal State University Fresno Library

California State University, Fresno has been working for a decade to complete the 250,000 square foot Henry Madden Library, and released the order today for 473 Eustis Chairs. Working with Los Angeles architects AC Martin, they chose our Fresno, Jenkins and Westlake chairs for their simple... Read More


Best Library Sled Chair

The Fresno sled base library chair is the best and most durable in the industry and comes with an unmatched 20 year warranty against joint failure. The chair was designed for California State University, Fresno's Henry Madden Library. Working with Los Angeles architects AC Martin, the University Library... Read More