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Charleston Chairs

Eustis Chair Goes to Spain

For the first time ever, Eustis Chair has taken an order for 50 Charleston Chairs going to Spain. While Eustis Chair has no marketing arm in Europe, American employees of the International Institute in Madrid, Spain knew of our great chairs, and recommended them to... Read More

Charleston chairs

Bridgewater State Orders Phase-2 Chairs

Bridgewater State College ordered 80 more Charleston chairs for the second phase of their renovation of the Maxwell Library. The 88 Phase-1 chairs were installed last year, and have received rave reviews from students and faculty, and from library staff. ... Read More

Charleston chairs

Bridgewater State Library Chairs

Bridgewater State University issued its purchase order today for 88 Charleston chairs for the first phase of its major Maxwell Library renovation. The Purchasing people at Bridgewater State were very pleased to be able to purchase these elegant and durable chairs through Massachusetts Higher Education... Read More

Charleston Chairs

Spring Hill College Library

Spring Hill College today ordered 213 Charleston Chairs for their new library, to be completed in early July. Their architect, Shepley Bulfinch recommended this new model from Eustis Chair over 24 competing hardwood chairs. The Charleston is a contemporary interpretation of the classic “schoolhouse” design,... Read More