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Eustis Chairs for Modern Spaces

modern wood chairs

A Natural Touch to Contemporary Layouts

At Eustis Chair we create furniture best tailored for your high-use space. Our line has a variety of models customized for certain architectural styles, and we’d like to highlight these styles as a starting point for deciding which chair is best for your institution. More and more schools and libraries need to expand to accommodate more students and patrons, often choosing modern architecture and design to do so. Here’s a guide either for buildings built in this aesthetic or for a contemporary look for your dining/event spaces.

The History

As the name suggests, modern architecture has only emerged within the last century. Thanks to incredible leaps in innovation and technology, new buildings could embrace visuals that were practically impossible at any other time in history. Such visuals included buildings as veritable melting pots of steel, glass, concrete, and other construction materials. Minimalism marks many modernist models, acting as a rejection of the decor of historical trends. Other distinct features include geometric shaping, sharp lines, and an emphasis on technological capacity.

A slew of architectural movements arose from modernist leanings. Brutalism, Art Deco, Postmodernism, and High-Tech architecture are offshoots of modernism in architecture and design. Some of the foremost examples above include our past customers:

The Westminster School’s Cole Library (pictured above) features cylindrical lighting fixtures and a noted absence of pillars or carvings. Rectangular glass windows flood the space with light, with thick steel balancing the pale colors of the bare walls. It is here that the natural world tangles with an industrial one; its  blends of marble and metal mesh beautifully with the hardwood of its floors and furniture.

La Mirada Library (pictured left) was built in the 1960s, and its 2016 renovations continued its modernist style. It services Los Angeles County under circular fluorescents and strategically placed glass fittings, all with metallic elements fading in the background. Its stark tables and shelves complete the image of simplicity, bordering on austere in its cleanliness.

Roxbury Latin School’s Varsity Room (pictured right) is a sleek example of Art Deco design. It shows off a sophisticated dynamic of polished wood panels and dry lining, glowing underneath the recessed lighting from above. Its rich impression doesn’t come from complex detailing but from the material itself, showcasing a grandness found only in the buildings of today.

Our Picks

We have worked with all three to construct fitting chairs for these premier spaces. Out of the several designs in our line, there are five that best embody the spirit of Modernism and other high-tech aesthetics:

boise stack chair






The Boise is characterized by its wide, singular back splat; this provides an interesting visual effect for modern tastes and comfort. We combined the look, of course, with our “bullet-proof” construction capabilities. This simplistic, geometric chair will withstand decades of hard use in classrooms and libraries. Its sister chair, the Boise Stack, has the added feature of stacking 6-8 high for additional efficiency.

The Nevada flaunts back spindles that emulate a waterfall as they drop underneath the seat, angling downwards from the robust top rail to pair with symmetrically-minded rooms. For Art Deco rooms that need a natural touch, the Nevada chair brings that with our standards of comfort and the utmost durability.

medford chair





The Medford takes the traditional ladder-back design and gives it a contemporary spin. The slight curves of its back rails almost cradle the back resting against it; this presents a hardwood seating option that wins on both aesthetic and practical counts. It has also inspired our newest chair in the Medford bar stool, crafted as the perfect wood stool for hours of work or leisure.

otesaga chair





The Otesaga was first crafted for a 20th century hotel, where we started with our signature engineering and stacking capability. Its narrow and linear rails are still strong enough to discard the need for stretchers. Additionally, the hand hole makes it an easy seating choice for busy staff members and users.

fresno chair

The Fresno chair is best known for its progressive use of a two-position sled base, made for modern-day crowds as it needs no further supports like stretchers or railings. A sled base on ay chair allows it to tip back without toppling the person sitting in it; for design teams, it’s a neat choice for chairs that service hardworking students. First impressions may declare the Fresno as delicate, but our joinery makes it anything but!

We have previously highlighted chairs best fit for Gothic and Romanesque Revival architecture. For chairs that fit other architectural styles, view our full directory of chair models or contact us for a consultation.

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