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Harriett E. Richards Chairs

Harriett Richards House and Eustis Chair


Eustis Chair is proud to build our Claremont stacking chair for an amazing co-op. First, Boston University is a private, research-based university located in Boston, Massachusetts. Accordingly, near the campus at Boston University, is the Harriet Richards House. Therefore, the beautiful home is part of Boston’s historic Back Bay neighborhood. Basically, this neighborhood is famous for their Victorian brownstones. Evidently, these brownstones are gorgeous. Clearly, they are great examples of 19th Century urban design aesthetic.


Elizabethan Dining Room at Harriett Richards House


We made Claremont stacking chairs for the Elizabethan Dining Room. Obviously, the Elizabethan Dining Room is located in the H.E.R. House. Apparently, the H.E.R. House is one of the first cooperative dormitories in the nation. It provides low cost housing and meals to 24 bright, undergraduate women each year. The model home was built in 1897. The University purchased the house with donations from early H.E.R. House residents. Consequently, Boston University’s Interior Designers chose our Claremont chair. The chairs stack, which means they can be easily stored away. Accordingly, we manufacture them in our sustainable factory. We offer a 20 year warranty against joint failure for chairs with a Eustis Joint.


A great video about H.E.R. House can be found here: 


If you watch closely, you may even get a peek at our Eustis Chairs! In conclusion, we love to work with Boston University. We hope to work with them again soon.

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