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Hardwood Logo Chair by Eustis Chair

Logo Chair: The Power of Details

There is a lot of power in details. Even a well-designed room falls short of excellence without attentive choices. The small details can be what pulls many great design elements together into a cohesive final product. Detailing ranges from larger but less often noticed choices like lighting and window treatments to the small but notable customization details that elevate the space from good to great. Customizing your space with details can work wonders to secure the aesthetic of your brand, provide an air of elegance and refine the aesthetic as a whole. Here at Eustis Chair one of the most common ways we see this done is by adding a logo chair to the space. Or a few! 


Custom Engravings 


A custom logo added to a chair can be an impactful detail. Whether it’s stamped, engraved, painted, or otherwise. Laser engravings are by far the most common in the engraving market. They offer a consistent product in a portion of the time that hand engraving takes.  

Add laser engravings to existing chairs or when you purchase chairs new depending on the manufacturer. Though it’s most common to see custom logos on wood because they are easily engraved, custom engravings can be added to metal chairs as well.  


Logo Chairs at Eustis Chair 


Eustis Chair has engraved chairs for a number of clients who wanted to personalize their space. The engraving is usually on the top rail of the chairs where they are most likely to be noticed. We can add custom engravings for any style, design, or location when you purchase a Eustis Chair product. We have provided engravings for clients like Austin Prep and Bowdoin as well as country clubs and libraries. No matter the space they are in custom engravings can help bring a space together. 


Even minor design additions like engravings can make a big impact on a furniture piece or the room as a whole. We want to help create the seating that best compliments you and your space. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about our custom engravings or quality hardwood chairs.  



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