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New School Year, New Eustis Chairs

Welcome back to school from Eustis Chair! 

The beginning of a new school year is upon us! What is a better way to celebrate another year of success ahead than a shiny new hardwood chair? Schools and universities across the nation have selected our chairs for their comfort, durability, and beautiful aesthetics. Below we’ve chosen some of our most successful dining hall chair installations in schools of varying education levels…

Harvard Memorial Dining Hall 

Harvard Memorial Hall was our first ever dining hall project in 1994. The early 90’s restoration project was modeled after the great halls of Oxford and Cambridge University. We worked with Harvard to create our Edison chair, modeled after Thomas Edison’s original workshop chair. Always buzzing with student life, the Memorial Dining Hall serves over 3400 meals per day.

Millbrook Boarding School

Millbrook Boarding School is located in upstate New York, just across the boarder from Massachusetts. Millbrook Dining Hall was a brand new construction in 2018 outfitted with our brand new Millbrook chairs custom made for the school. Millbrook is known for its farm to table approach in residential dining, focusing on local organic produce from the student’s own farm on site.  

Lawrenceville Academy 

Lawrenceville Academy is a boarding school located just outside of Princeton in Townsville New Jersey. We worked with Lawrenceville to create the Lawrenceville chair, a classic side and arm wooden chair with unique slots and carvings on the seat-back. The Lawrenceville renovation project was completed in 2019, including our instillation of chairs in the Abbot Dining Hall. Lawrenceville prides itself on its “Green Campus Initiative” focusing on responsibly and sustainably feeding its students.  

Hill  School

The Hill School, located Pottstown Pennsylvania, was another recent instillation job for Eustis Chair in 2019. The Hill School project was a expansion project of their dining hall, funded by  their “The Strength of All Campaign”. This allowed the school to increase their dining capacity by 72 chairs. We worked with the Hill School to create custom chairs that are solid hardwood and elegantly simple.    


Gordon College

In 2018, we worked with Gordon College located in North Shore, Massachusetts. The university needed chairs for the renovation of their university dining hall, Tupper. Gordon College chose the Millbrook chair for its simple, comfortable elegance. Catered by Bon Appetit, this private university locally and organically sources nutritious meals for their students.


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