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University of Connecticut Receives Custom Chairs

custom wood chairs
For the University of Connecticut, they could only find their needed wood chairs with Eustis Chair. This Friday we delivered the final installment of chairs for two 1930s reading rooms in the Wilbur Cross Building. Both rooms are undergoing renovations to fully embrace the splendor of the original architectural design. Students throughout campus rate Wilbur Cross as one of the most distinctive buildings.
The North and South Reading Rooms now both house the Wilbur custom wood chairs, a custom option that UConn’s designers decided to take on. Eustis Chair stood out from the rest in that our wood chairs were both customizable and stackable; both were a must for their unique and versatile rooms. We’re happy to design new chair for our partners when they need something new to fit the needs of their institution. Roughly 270 Wilbur chairs are now ready for students as they return to campus for the school year ahead, and the UConn staff we spoke with were looking forward to many years of use. 

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