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Baylor’s 1845 at Memorial Dining Hall

Wood College Chairs by Eustis Chair

Baylor University is in Waco, Texas. Thus, their championship football team is well-known. In Texas, football is life. In fact, Baylor is part of the Big 12. Indeed, championship football seasons lead to more national visibility for a school. Consequently, more national visibility leads to more student matriculation on campus. More students on campus leads to campus renovations, and a need for wood college chairs.

Hardwood chairs are best for high use areas. This includes dining halls on a busy college campus. Eustis Chair works with many clients for dining hall renovation projects. 

Wood College Chairs and Baylor University: A Winning Combination

Working with RBDR Architects and Total Office Solutions, Baylor University chose two Eustis stacking chairs for the dining renovation, 1845 at Memorial. This 500 seat dining hall nicknamed Memo, is our largest installation of the new Boise Stack chair, and will include an Honors Residential College area with our elegant Bohemian wood college chair. Both chairs are engineered with the patented Eustis Joint®, stack 8 chairs high, and are warranted for a full 20 years. To see more photos of this project and other similar installations view our School Dining Installation page.

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