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Eustis News

October 13, 2016

All Warranties Are Not Created Equal

Buyer beware! Read the fine print of your warranty before you buy new wood chairs. Many chair manufactures in America only warranty their wood chairs against manufactures defects in workmanship and materials. This literally does not give you a leg to stand on when you chairs break, and thus you will be forced to find budget money for replacement chairs.
  • Do your students, patrons or guests lean back in your chairs? That will not be covered under most competitor's warranties
  • Do your chairs get used more than once a day? One competing chair company only covers single shift service in their warranty.
Eustis Chair is proud to warranty all of our patented Eustis Joint® constructed chairs for 20 years against joint failure. We don't recommend leaning back in your chair, but we will warranty it none the less.

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