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October 12, 2018

Concord Chairs at La Rinconada Country Club

Earlier this year we delivered over 200 of our Concord chairs to La Rinconada Country Club in Los Gatos, California. The Club's history extends back to the Roaring Twenties, where it began as a golf course for the Bay Area elite. Its beautiful grounds host some of the best scenery the Golden State has to offer, made even more impressive with their commitments to sustainability and water preservation. 

In 2017 La Rinconada realized that renovations were in order, and a member vote swept in to approve a new order with Eustis Chair. The Concord's design lends itself handsomely to the relaxed atmosphere of the Club, with a clean cross back design (pictured) reminiscent of pastoral decoration. With a more petite stature than the average seating - measuring in at 34 inches tall - the Concord blends seamlessly into any event as a hassle-free component. It is also one of our stacking chairs, which relieves the Club's staff of arduous reconfiguration and routine cleaning. There is no downside to purchasing Eustis Chairs, as La Rinconada can surely attest!

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