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Funeral Home Chairs

Our funeral home chairs are made in the United States, are designed to last for decades, and will upgrade the elegance of your facility. For your chapel, you may want to consider one of our elegant, durable, stacking, hardwood chairs.

Bainbridge Island stacking hardwood chair with Arts and Crafts style
Bainbridge Island
Bartlett Hall stacking hardwood chair blends Arts & Crafts and Neo Gothic style
Bartlett Hall
Bartlett Hall wood arm chair has gothic and arts and crafts style
Bartlett Hall Arm
Bohemian stacking wooden arm chair stacks 6 high, with cushioned seat and back and 20 year warranty
Bohemian Arm
Charleston schoolhouse style hardwood chair with unmatched durable construction, available with wood or cushioned seat
Charleston hardwood arm chair with schoolhouse style, unmatched durable construction, with wood or cushioned seat
Charleston Arm
Empire 10-60 stacking hardwood chair with Klismos style elements is made in the USA with unmatched patented chair joinery
Empire 10-60
Ivy League hardwood chair with Chippendale style and ultra strong chair construction
Ivy League
Ivy League Arm Chair in solid hardwood with patented Eustis Joint® chair construction for unmatched durability and comfort
Ivy League Arm
Merrimac stacking hardwood chair with Craftsman style back slats, cushioned or wood seat, and amazing Eustis Joint® chair construction
Merrimac hardwood arm chair stacks 10 chairs high with amazing Eustis Joint® chair construction
Merrimac Arm
Saint Marks chair with solid hardwood frame, cushioned seat and back. Built with extra durable, patented Eustis Joint® chair construction.
Saint Marks
Saint Marks Arm chair in solid hardwood with upholstered seat and back and extra durable construction using our patented Eustis Joint®
Saint Marks Arm
Saint Martin stacking dining chair has solid Chippendale styled hardwood frame with fabric seat and back.
Saint Martin
Saint Martin stacking arm chair has a durable hardwood frame with 20 year warranty and upholstered seat and back.
Saint Martin Arm
Somerset chair stacks 10 chairs high has a durable hardwood frame with patented Eustis Joint® construction and comfortable cushioned seat and back.
State stacking banquet and dining chair with durable hardwood Craftsman style frame with upholstered seat and back
Eustis Chair custom handtruck, transporter for moving hardwood stacking chairs
University Club stacking hardwood chair has Chippendale design and durable Eustis Joint® construction available in cushioned or wood seat
University Club
Willard stacking hardwood chair with traditional, comfortable, slat back design and unmatched durable construction