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About Us

Eustis Chair designs and manufactures hardwood chairs for clubs, dining halls, libraries, and other high-use spaces. Our chairs are designed for elegance and comfort, and engineered for truly superior durability.

History of Eustis Chair

We first began business in 1989 and continue to operate our sales office and factory in the United States. Our roots as a family-run business give us the backbone that has made us so successful.

Company History

Our Proprietary Joint

Robert H. Eustis, a retired Mechanical Engineering Professor from Stanford University, developed a new way to join two pieces of hardwood using concealed steel rods and space-age adhesives. This proprietary process is now known as the Eustis Joint®, and it creates a joint that is stronger than the hardwood used to build the chair.

About the Eustis Joint

Our Commitment to Sustainability

The best way to build a sustainable product is to build it to last for decades. We do it via environmentally-friendly measures at every step of the process, including sustainably harvested lumber and recycled factory waste.


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