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Custom Chairs & Manufacturing

Eustis Chair has over 100 hardwood chair designs in our line. We can build or engineer any chair to fit the needs of your institution.

Minor Chair Design Change

Eustis Chair manufactures custom hardwood chairs in the USA. Making simple changes to an existing hardwood chair in our line will give the chair a new aesthetic. In fact, minor changes can make a chair feel like a completely new design. For example, we have seen impressive results by switching out the slats in the back of a chair, re-sculpting the shape of a back splat, or easing the seating angle.

custom chairs and manufacturing
San Antonio custom furniture

Stacking Chair to Non-stacking Chair

Eustis Chair specializes in manufacturing and designing hardwood stacking chairs. However, we can convert most of our stacking chair designs into non-stacking ones. The opposite also holds true. Eustis Chair can re-engineer historically non-stacking chairs into ones that will stack, often without the need for a prototype chair.

Antique Chair Reproduction

Several of the offerings in our line are hardwood antique reproduction chairs. Eustis Chair is able to reproduce other chair designs that are no longer made or have never been made for institutional use. Simply email us a photo of the chair you want reproduced, and we can discuss options.

Rose Reading Room New York Public Library Chairs

New Chair Design

If none of the chairs in our current line can be altered to produce the chair you want, we can discuss options for a totally new chair design. Eustis Chair prefers to focus on larger projects for a totally new chair design. Similarly, we prefer to put our engineering resources into designs with potential for other users. Eustis Chair is always eager to speak with you about a new chair design.

Tables by Eustis Chair

Dining hall tables by Eustis Chair are manufactured in the same facility as our chairs. All of our products are made in America and can be customized to fit your needs. 

For customers that have a preferred table manufacturer, we will continue to partner with them to make matching chairs for your signature space. See more about our tables here.

tables by eustis chair