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2022 Design Trends Wrapped

2022 was a unique year in the design world. We saw influences from the pandemic linger, while aesthetic revivals and new fads emerged throughout the year. While some trends are sure to stay, others may soon disappear, burning out as quickly as they had sparked interest.

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Antique Reproduction Furniture by Eustis Chair

Reproduction Furniture

What is Reproduction Furniture?   Reproduction furniture mimics an antique design to produce new furniture with a historical flare. This can be useful for lots of reasons. You might need to match existing furniture from the past. Or perhaps you simply enjoy an antique aesthetic. 

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chair joinery

Why is chair joinery important?

The strength of a chair directly correlates to the strength of the joint.    Long ago, chairs were actually made by joiners before chair-making became a profession in the 1800s. Along with doors, tables, and stairs, these craftsmen used their knowledge of joints to make

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Harvard Style Seating

Eustis Chair is honored to have worked several times with Harvard University. Are you looking for the elegance and sophistication of Harvard style seating? Here are some of the chairs we’ve provided for them.

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New York City Furniture: Featured Projects

Eustis Chair has partnered with respected institutions all over the country. We are always proud to share the projects we’ve worked on. Here is a look at some of the New York city furniture projects we’ve been a part of.   Library Projects   Eustis

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sorority chairs

The University Club

The University Club chair is a Chippendale-inspired construction. In fact, it is both palatial and stackable. Its woodworking composition blends Chippendale-era style with Renaissance- and Rococo-era ideals. Design elemants include harmonious decoration, represented best in the rear rail via rolling arcs and chiseled touches. These details preserve sloping carving detail, drawing the eye to the diamond near the top of the crowning slat.

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What is a table apron?

Table aprons are pieces of wood that jut downward underneath the top surface, sometimes called the “skirt” or “skirting.” This vertical piece of wood beneath the table top is there to provide beam support and hide any braces, corner blocks, or other mechanical pieces on

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what does it mean to be green

What does it mean to be green?

Terms like “green living,” “eco-friendly” and “sustainability” are often thrown around in discussions about furniture. But what do they actually mean?   Let’s break it down   At their root, the above phrases can be used interchangeably to mean being kind to the planet. To

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hardwood chairs 10-60

Featured Project: The Acorn Club

Eustis Chair recently provided The Acorn Club with 120 Louis 10-60 stacking chairs. We worked directly with the General Manager, Jennifer Gallagher, and the Food & Beverage Manager, Lauren Randall. Their member/designer, Barbara Eberlein of Eberlein Design Consultants, selected the chair upholstery and finish color. 

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wedding chairs

Wedding Chairs

When your institution hosts a wedding, seating arrangements are an important task. Often discussed is the issue of deciding who should sit where. But there should also be plenty of attention given to the actual seats themselves. Wedding chairs must serve several functions.

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Gillioz Theater chairs

Featured Project: Gillioz Theatre

Eustis Chair recently manufactured 20 chairs for the Gillioz Theatre. Located in Springfield, Missouri, this historic theater wanted new seats for its box seating area. With new stackable wood chairs from Eustis Chair, the Gillioz will be able to put out the exact number of chairs needed for patrons to sit during each performance.

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