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Saint Marks stackable chair

The Saint Marks

When Eustis Chair was approached by Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco for a chair project, we were excited. We decided to add an upholstered back on our existing Charleston chair. We were confident the result would be both elegant and comfortable.  The fact is, the final product exceeded our highest expectations!

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wooden boarding school chairs

Niche Ranks Top Boarding Schools in America

Niche, the premier website for researching America’s schools, recently released the 2021 rankings for the top boarding high schools in America. Niche bases its rankings on a number of key statistics and official data. Such data includes college readiness, teacher quality, student and parent reviews, and government ratings. Niche recognizes these schools for their dedication to learning. A history of academic excellence plays a major role in prestige.  Of course, Eustis Chair sees several of our past clients in the top 25 boarding schools in America.

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skidmore chair

The Skidmore

Boston architect Michael Cohen of Elkus Manfredi liked our Elting Room chair for a lounge seating area. The architects decided the chair would work well in the new Skidmore library if we added an upholstered back. The new Skidmore chair has the same eased seating angle and great looks as the Elting Room chair, but it offers enhanced comfort of an upholstered back.

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custom wood chairs

Choosing the Right Wood Chair Finish

One of the most attractive features of custom wood chairs is that they come in gorgeous colors. These include the intricate swirls and strokes of brown from the tree rings they were harvested from. Choosing the best color for your wood chairs is made easy with our finishing options.

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chair terminology

Chair Terminology Guide

Have you ever purchased chairs for your organization? Do you know exactly what to call each part of the chair? We have got you covered. Learn all the parts of a chair here in our useful chair terminology guide.

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Harkness Table Classroom Chair

Harkness Table Chair Buyers Guide

Preparatory schools around the world are embracing the collaborative learning benefits of the Harkness philosophy of teaching. For those new to the method, Harkness teaching uses one large oval table with pull-out tablets in every classroom. This method fosters teacher and student discussion.

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Options for Hardwood Chair Engraving

Hardwood chairs are inherently stately. Some institutions we work with prefer to add laser wood engraving to the chairs they order. Eustis Chair has engraved chairs for a number of clients. The engraving is usually on the top rail of the chairs. We can add whatever design and style you would like for your next Eustis Chair purchase.

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simmons bar stool

Simmons Bar Stool

The Simmons Barstool was first modeled after our Simmons chair for the Groton School.  Engineered with the proprietary Eustis Joint®, the Simmons Bar Stool is unmatched in durability. In fact, our joints are the strongest on the market. In this bar stool, no detail is overlooked, including the copper-wrapped footrest. The slight curves of the back spindles lay flat against the back for comfortable support. The barstool’s design is complete with a crowning top rail.

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shop library furniture

The Skillman

The Skillman chair embraces craftsman design with unmatched comfort and durability. Like all of our traditionally built chairs, we engineer the Skillman with our special “box construction” configuration.

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quality chairs

Quality Chairs

We all know how to distinguish between someone who is cheap and someone who is economical. The economical person has a forward-thinking mindset and plans their purchases that way.

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10 chairs at 60″ Round Table

The 10-60 chair line from Eustis Chair is a line of hardwood chairs that fits 10 chairs at a 60″ round table. In this arrangement, all the chairs are pushed slightly under the table. Of course, the 10-60 chairs offer the same sophisticated looks and comfort you’ve come to expect from Eustis Chair products. These chairs are just slightly scaled down in the front to allow them to be more tucked away under a table. 

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wood stack chairs

Shop Library Furniture

Approximately one-half of the Eustis Chair line is designed especially for library use. Eustis Chair offers custom stackable library chairs as well as antique reproduction chairs. The Eustis Chair difference is the longevity of the chairs. You’ll find our chairs are designed to be so durable, they will last for decades, even in busy spaces.

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Harvard Business School Chairs

The Many Lives of a Eustis Chair

Eustis Chair has our own proprietary Eustis Joint construction technology that makes our chairs infinitely more durable than other chairs on the market. In fact, these Eustis Chairs are on their forth life.

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pennsylvania chair

The Pennsylvania

We call the new design the Pennsylvania chair. This chair, with it’s solid hardwood design elements is an elegant and beautiful choice for high-use spaces. The chair we created will last the University of Pennsylvania through many years of wear and tear. 

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shop library furniture

The Nevada

This custom chair was designed for the University of Nevada Reno, using design foundations from our popular Charleston and Willard chairs. The designers wanted a traditional and formal, comfortable, and exceptionally durable chair. They wanted a chair for high use spaces that would withstand the daily wear and tear of a library and classroom. That is just what they got, and more.

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northampton chair

The Northampton

The Northampton is a spin on the classic schoolhouse chair design. However, we use two different wood species for a natural study in contrasts. This ideal seating unites our line’s durability and comfort with intense, eye-catching beauty. This designs will delight both your patrons and staff during nonstop daily use.

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