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contemporary chair

The Virginian

This stackable chair represents one of our most comfortable examples of contemporary seating. The Virginian was first designed for the University of the Virginia’s Special Collections Library. New York City architect Ronnette Riley wanted a chair with narrow rails and no stretchers that could withstand the rigors of daily library use. Our Virginian chair goes above and beyond for these specification. In addition, it can also stack up to 8 chairs high for added value. Our stacking function is extremely rare in hardwood chair. The stacking function provides each in set up and take down from events as well as storage.

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Recycling bins

Plastic Recycling: The Lie We’ve All Been Sold

Buying from vendors that source their materials thoughtfully and sustainably is one step all of us can take to stop our world from devolving into a landfill. Eustis Chair sources sustainable raw materials to produce our USA-made hardwood chairs. We are dedicated to creating premium quality sustainable furniture.

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Westminster School wood library chair with six vertical, narrow back slats

The Westminster

Like many of our chairs, the Westminster chair combines design elements of two of our other chairs, the Willard and the Oberlin. We originally designed it for a prestigious boarding school, the Westminster School. In addition, we made this chair in a stacking and non-stacking version. The non-stacking Westminster (shown here) has a slightly wider seat than most of our chairs, and is a welcome addition to our line of wood library chairs. Its back angles very slightly at its top for both comfort and ease when moving it.

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New York Public Library Chair

New York Public Library Chairs

The New York Public Library has provided its patrons with free resources since 1895. The Rose Reading Room, a staple of the New York Public Library, features a beloved piece of interior decorating close to our hearts here at Eustis Chair: our Rose Reading chair.

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More Than Chairs: Eve Wildrick President of Executive Interiors

More Than Chairs Series: Finding Inspiration with Eve Wildrick

Welcome back to Eustis Chair’s “More Than Chairs” Series. For this addition, Eustis Chair had a conversation with Eve Wildrick, President of Executive Interiors. Eustis Chair had the pleasure of talking with Eve about where she finds inspiration for her design, the effects of the pandemic on her business, and much more.  

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What does reproduction furniture mean?

What Does Reproduction Furniture Mean?

Reproduction furniture is furniture made to emulate the designs of the past. Using this style of furniture adds a flare of history to any space. While antique furniture is beautiful it can be damaged, easily broken, and is expensive to purchase and maintain. Reproductions offer the same look as the furniture of the past without having to go over budget or run the risk of having an antique be broken with use.  

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The Medford Barstool

The Medford Barstool

The Medford Barstool’s elegant hardwood makes it ideal for any bar, country club, or dining room setting. Whether you sit in this chair for nine innings or just for dinner you will notice the quality of its ergonomic design.

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Taft Stacking Dining Chair

The Taft

Boston architects Gund Partnership designed a new Gothic dining hall for The Taft School. They wanted the benefits of a stacking chair for their client. They also wanted to durability of a chair that would withstand the pressures of high use spaces. They asked us to create a new chair for this project, and came up with a new version of our line’s Gothic Revival chairs. Needless to say, we love historical reproductions.

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Cafe Boulud featuring Neoclassical Design Furniture

What is Neoclassical Design?

Neoclassical design incorporates aesthetic elements from Rome and Greece and melds them with the fashion of 18th century France to create a timeless, elegant style of interior design.

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Welcoming Eustis Chair Intern Brigid

Welcoming Brigid

Eustis Chair would like to welcome our newest intern, Brigid, to the team. Let’s learn a little more about her and why she wanted to join our team. 

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suffolk chair

The Suffolk Chair

For their renovation of Boston’s 100 year old Suffolk County Superior Court, architects Childs Bertman Tseckares chose to come to us. They then commissioned an exact replica of a chair that had served in the court for its first 100 years. Needless to say, we love recreating chairs that have history or sentiment to to institutions. Therefore, we were excited about this challange. Its re-creation called for the old-world craftsmanship of Eustis Chair, built in our new-world American factory. Its back cross rail connects multiple bendings in the hardwood, which glide to the stately arms and legs.

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state chair

The State

Designed for the club and fine dining market, this new chair incorporates elements of other chairs adapts them to create a brand new chair. Moreover, it adds an upholstered back into our Bainbridge Island design. The State chair has the same good looks as the original chair, and is a dream to sit in for hours at a time. The upholstery of the chair is completely customizable. You can order whatever upholstery–fabric, vinyl, or leather from anywhere in the world. We will suit your chairs perfectly. In addition, we can add arms, construct each chair in any hardwood species, and custom match your stain to match your project or insitution.

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The Edison Chair by Eustis Chair is a durable hardwood chair perfect for dining halls, libraries and more

The Edison

When planning their 28 million dollar restoration of Memorial Hall, Harvard University chose The Edison. The outcome was one of the most elegant collegiate dining halls in America. The durable and classic hardwood chairs helped curate the air of refinement and timelessness that Memorial Hall embodies.   

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stacking pew chair

The Exeter Modular Pew

A New England prep school contacted us needing an alternative to traditional church pews. They needed a more flexible seating option to use in their 200-year-old chapel. Boston architects Cram & Ferguson designed this stacking modular pew chair for the institution. However, they found conventional joinery too weak for its unique requirements. Our patented Eustis Joint® was the missing piece.

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The chair Transporter is a custom-made hand truck to transport individual stacks of our stackable chairs. Once you stack chairs up to 10 high, you can easily move them wherever you need. Once moved to storage, the chair stack sits on the floor, so you only need to buy as many transporters as you have people moving chairs at any one time; we recommend one transporter per 100 chairs.

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Saint Marks stackable chair

The Saint Marks

When Eustis Chair was approached by Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco for a chair project, we were excited. We decided to add an upholstered back on our existing Charleston chair. We were confident the result would be both elegant and comfortable.  The fact is, the final product exceeded our highest expectations!

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wooden boarding school chairs

Niche Ranks Top Boarding Schools in America

Niche, the premier website for researching America’s schools, recently released the 2021 rankings for the top boarding high schools in America. Niche bases its rankings on a number of key statistics and official data. Such data includes college readiness, teacher quality, student and parent reviews, and government ratings. Niche recognizes these schools for their dedication to learning. A history of academic excellence plays a major role in prestige.  Of course, Eustis Chair sees several of our past clients in the top 25 boarding schools in America.

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