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Pricing and Ordering Minimums

Pricing Information

Because we only build chairs to specific customer orders and we offer a wide variety of features on all of our designs, our chairs cannot be ordered right from a “catalog.” Therefore, we do not attempt to publish prices directly online. However, we can offer some guidance as you begin to plan for a possible purchase of our chairs. For an accurate pricing estimate please contact us here.

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 chairs

Price Breaks: 25 chairs, 50 chairs, 100 chairs, 200 chairs, 300 chairs, 400 chairs.

Hardwood Specie: We offer our chairs in a variety of durable hardwood species, including European beech, American ash, red oak, quarter sawn white oak, hard maple, cherry, and walnut.

Seats: All of our chairs are available with either a wood seat or a cushion seat, covered in the fabric of your choice. We charge the same for a wood seat as for the cushion seat, but you must pay the cost of the fabric for a cushion seat chair.

Arms: Arms are available as an option for most of our chairs. The add-on cost for arms for most chairs is currently $50 per chair.

Finish: We offer a handful of standard finish colors for each hardwood specie; we can also create a custom stain color to match your preexisting furniture. The price is the same for either finish option. 

Packaging & Delivery: We normally pack our chairs in bubble-wrap bags and ship them in cartons, two to the box ( for side chairs). Charges for packaging and delivery will be quoted upon request.