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Stacking Wood Chairs

Thanks to our proprietary Eustis Joint®, we can build stacking wood chairs that can stack up to 10 chairs high, and come with our unmatched 20 year warranty. Every chair is made to order in our U.S factory from sustainably grown hardwood, and can be customized to fit your project. Eustis Chairs are the most durable, sustainable chairs in the industry. View our full line of stacking arm and side chairs below, and contact us for pricing or request a sample chair.


  • bainbridge island stacking chair

    Bainbridge Island

  • Bainbridge2

    Bainbridge Island Wide

  • Bainbridge Junior Chair by Eustis Chair

    Bainbridge Junior

  • Ballroom Chair by Eustis Chair


  • Bartlett Hall Stacking Chair by Eustis Chair

    Bartlett Hall

  • stacking banquet chairs


  • 10-60 chair

    Bohemian 10-60

  • Boise Stacking Chair by Eustis Chair

    Boise Stack

  • Burton Judson Chair by Eustis Chair

    Burton Judson

  • shop library furniture

    Charleston Stack

  • circle back

    Circle Back

  • Claremont

  • 10-60 chair

    Claremont 10-60

  • Claremont wide stacking chair

    Claremont Wide

  • hardwood chair sheen


  • Concord

  • Council Room Stackable Chair

    Council Room

  • empire chair


  • Empire 10-60

  • stacking pew chair

    Exeter Modular Pew

  • fountainhead


  • ivy league stackable chair

    Ivy League Stack

  • king and prince chair

    King and Prince

  • Ladder back chair

    Ladder Back

  • lawrenceville school chair


  • louis chair


  • medford stack

    Medford Stack

  • Harvard Business School Chairs

    Merrimac Stack

  • Mid Century Modern Chair

    Mid Century Modern

  • Millbrook Stackable Chair


  • monterey chair


  • orono chair


  • otesaga chair


  • Park Avenue Stacking Chair

    Park Avenue

  • Park City

  • Pembroke Stackable Chair

    Pembroke Stack

  • queen anne

    Queen Anne

  • risley


  • river oaks chair

    River Oaks

  • River Oaks stackable chairs

    River Oaks Wide

  • saint martin chair

    Saint Martin

  • funeral home hardwood chairs


  • State

  • Taft Stacking Dining Chair


  • Chair Transporter


  • University Club

  • stackable chairs

    University Club 10-60

  • Virginian

  • Westminster stacking chair

    Westminster Stack

  • willard chair


  • william and mary chair

    William and Mary