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Flammability Ratings

There are several Flammability ratings for upholstered furniture that will apply to any chairs with upholstery. 

Please note that none of the standards mentioned in this section apply to all-wood chairs. While we all know that wood is flammable, wood chairs do not catch fire easily or burn fast enough to present the kind of danger that is present when upholstered furniture catches fire. There are no flammability ratings that we are aware of for all-wood chairs.

California Technical Bulletin #117 
We use the abbreviation “Cal 117”. This is a flammability standard that is used for various materials that are used in upholstered seats and backs. The materials in question are webbing, foam, pillow cushioning, where used, and the covering fabrics. The manufacturers use various chemicals in the formulation of their materials to reduce the flammability of the materials. The materials in question are tested by the manufacturer, and are certified by the manufacturer to meet the Cal 117 standard.

PLEASE NOTE: All upholstered materials used in our chairs meet Cal 117 standards. 

California Technical Bulletin #133 
We use the abbreviation “Cal 133”. This is a far more stringent standard than Cal 117, and this standard requires a burn test of the chair. Some of our chairs, particularly those with natural fibers in the covering fabric, can pass a Cal 133 burn test using the normal materials, which contain the Cal 117 flammability reduction chemicals. However, we normally add a fire barrier over the foam and under the fabric in order to be sure to meet Cal 133 standards. The Cal 133 standard requires a burn test with the actual cushioning material and upholstery fabric to be used. Not surprisingly, this test destroys the chair. We will make all the arrangements for the burn test for customers that require Cal 133 certification.