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Care & Maintenance


At Eustis Chair we take great pride to deliver hardwood chairs of the highest quality, which are designed to be used hard in an institutional setting. Because our chairs are subject to normal wear and tear, and sometimes to intentional or unintentional abuse, it is important to conduct regular care and maintenance checks of all chairs. The frequency of such a program depends greatly on the application, but a regular program of inspection, cleaning, and repair will greatly extend the service life of your Eustis Chairs.

Regular Inspection Program

On a periodic basis, depending on the level of use and the experience of your institution with other furniture, we suggest you inspect every chair for the following problems:

  • Missing or broken glides
  • Large dings or splits that might catch on a user’s clothing.
  • Tears in upholstery
  • Stains on upholstery or on the wood surfaces of the chair.
  • Loosened screws on seat (drop seat lightly and listen, or feel for a loose seat)
  • Failed joints (very rare) or major split in the hardwood of the chair (also rare)

Cleaning Recommendations

We suggest you clean all of your Eustis Chairs on a periodic basis.

Cleaning wood surfaces: use a liquid cleaner or a wax-polish combination for periodic cleaning. Mineral Spirits or Turpentine can be used for stubborn stains, but avoid use of Acetone or similar strong solvents which can penetrate the Conversion Varnish of your chairs.

Cleaning fabric: please note that all fabrics are a little different, and that you must do some research for your own fabric, and use precaution when cleaning. We recommend testing any proposed cleaning method on a small portion before proceeding with the entire chair and the room. Dirt and crumbs can be gently brushed or vacuumed off the surface of the fabric. Spills should generally be soaked up with an absorbent towel and wiped off immediately before the spill dries in. Light liquid detergent is great for wiping spills off most vinyl upholstery; be sure to wipe the surface with a damp cloth after cleaning.

Maintenance Recommendations

Hardwood chair maintenance is an easy routine that needs very little time and effort. For minor scratches we recommend the use of Olde English Scratch Cover, available at most hardware stores; there is one formula for dark woods and another for light woods. Deeper scratches may require either a colored marker or a wax crayon. We use touch-up products from Mohawk Finishing Products. The wax crayon works best for hiding smaller dings in the wood. If there are large dings that are hard to cover with the wax crayon, you will want to seek help from an experienced furniture repair specialist.