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Category: Member Dining Chairs

  • Bainbridge Island Wide Arts and Crafts Chair by Eustis Chair

    Bainbridge Island Wide

  • ballroom chair


  • stacking banquet chairs


  • 10-60 chair

    Bohemian 10-60

  • Bulfinch Upholstered Chair by Eustis Chair


  • bulfinch


  • Captain Chair 2 by Eustis Chair

    Captain 2

  • captain 3

    Captain 3

  • cataumet chair


  • Charleston Stacking Chair by Eustis Chair


  • Charleston Stack

    Charleston Stack

  • Claremont wide stacking chair

    Claremont Wide

  • concord barstool

    Concord Barstool

  • Contemporary Captain Barstool Made in America

    Contemporary Captain Barstool

  • contemporary captain chair made in usa

    Contemporary Captain Chair

  • traditional chair


  • Council Room Stackable Chair

    Council Room

  • duquesne chair


  • elting room chair

    Elting Room

  • neoclassical chairs


  • federal reserve chair

    Federal Reserve

  • grill room chair

    Grill Room

  • Harkness school Chair for Harkness Education Model by Eustis Chair

    Harkness Chair

  • the ivy league

    Ivy League

  • shop modern bar stools

    Jenkins Bar Stool

  • jenkins swivel barstool

    Jenkins Swivel Barstool

  • kennedy chair


  • kennedy 23 Bank of England chair

    Kennedy 23

  • Bank of England Style Club Chair on Casters by Eustis Chair

    Kennedy Club

  • Ladder back school chair

    Ladder Back

  • Louis 10-60

    Louis 10-60

  • shop modern bar stools

    Louis Barstool

  • medford bar stool

    Medford Barstool

  • Park Avenue Stacking Chair

    Park Avenue

  • Park Avenue Modern Chair

    Park Avenue Modern

  • Park City Chair

    Park City

  • queen anne

    Queen Anne

  • risley


  • river oaks chair

    River Oaks

  • River Oaks stackable chairs

    River Oaks Wide

  • Saint Marks stackable chair

    Saint Marks

  • saint martin chair

    Saint Martin

  • St Martin wide: Chippendale Chair by Eustis Chair

    Saint Martin Wide

  • simmons bar stool

    Simmons Barstool

  • skidmore chair


  • University Club