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Unlike steel or iron alloys, wood is the only renewable construction material. Wood requires less energy to produce and doubles the amount of eco-cycle efficiency. From lumber sourcing to factory recycling measures, environmental care remains a crucial part of our business process.

wood chair sustainabilitySustainable Products

Our focus is on building hardwood chairs that offer truly superior durability. With a typical service life of 20+ years, our chairs are still in dining halls and libraries long after our competitor’s chairs are in the landfill. That is true sustainability!

Sustainable Raw Materials

We use ash, hard maple, red oak, white oak, black cherry, walnut, and beech for most of our chairs. These hardwoods are all sustainably harvested in properly managed woodlands. Foresters have a method of calculating the number of board feet of growth they have in their forests each year; in a sustainably managed forest, the Forester makes sure to cut fewer board feet of lumber each year than what has grown in that area. The beauty of a properly managed forest is that it does not matter if the hardwood species is a fast-growing species or a slow-growing species, as long as they cut less of that species from the forest than the growth rate. We have ample supplies of slow-growing hardwoods in North America and do not need to rely on fast-growing species, which are generally not as strong or as elegant.

Sustainably Built

In our FSC-certified factory, we strive for the minimum of waste, and we recycle everywhere we can.

  • Our factory collects sawdust and shavings to sell to farmers for animal bedding.
  • Because we use both short and long pieces of lumber to make our chairs, we maximize the utilization of the lumber we buy; this creates less waste.
  • Our craftsmen use water-based PVA glues where possible, and small amounts of high-strength epoxies; these are fully contained to minimize VOCs.
  • We filter and recirculate the air in our factory; this saves energy in the heating season and reduces the release of dust.
  • Our chairs ship out in reusable bubble-wrap bags; we offer return shipping after your purchase delivery for further use and recycling.
  • We use GREENGUARD-certified finish on our wood, tested in dynamic environmental chambers to meet strict chemical emissions limits.

At the end of the day, the best way to build a sustainable product is to build it to last for decades. Our Eustis Joint® chairs come with a 20-year warranty and can be expected to last far longer in most of the areas where our chairs are used.