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The Eustis Joint



We offer the best joint warranty in the industry with an unbeatable 20-year guarantee against all joint failures, thanks to the Eustis Joint®.

Robert H. Eustis, a retired engineering professor from Stanford University, developed a new way to join two pieces of hardwood using concealed steel rods and space-age adhesives. This proprietary process is now known as the Eustis Joint®, creating joinery stronger than the hardwood of the chair.

The Eustis Joint® allows us to design hardwood chairs, without stretchers, that are stronger than our stretcher chairs. Eliminating the stretcher – without sacrificing durability – allows Eustis Chair to offer two lines of hardwood chairs that truly stand out. We offer elegant contemporary chairs with simple, clean lines; and stacking chairs that are as durable as they are elegant and comfortable. In short, there’s no better alternative for long-lasting hardwood seating.

Since our founding, the Eustis Joint® has set the standard for elegant hardwood chairs that endure for generations. Most importantly, this exceptional joint keeps chairs in full working capacity after decades of daily use. From libraries serving thousands of patrons to country clubs hosting several events daily, our customers will never need worry about sudden failures or replacement seating. The Eustis Joint® furthers the exceptional craftsmanship of our chairs to guarantee life that stands the test of time.