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2018 In Review at Eustis Chair

Happy Holidays to our clients and friends! 2018 brought about some great changes for Eustis Chair, including new ownership and new sales records. Since January we have built over 4,000 chairs chairs for private clubs, universities, libraries, and societies nationwide. Many thanks to our past and current clients for bringing our seating into your institutions. 
Some of our installations received accolades this year – the Millbrook School dining hall in New York, which houses over four hundred Millbrook chairs (pictured) won three awards this year! One is the Trumbauer Award, which honors exemplary work in architecture, design, planning, and the allied arts. It also received awards from the American Woodwork Institute and the Brick Industry Association. We’re delighted for the interior designers on this project, as we experienced firsthand their commitment to design excellence.
Whether our installations are for historic halls – like the University of Michigan – or more contemporary clubs – such as the Corinthian Yacht Club – we have seating that makes for the best available choices. For 2018 there were five designs in our line that were most popular with our customers by sales volume:
The Council Room remains one of our most in-demand designs, what with its unique seating angle, exorbiant comfort, and high stackability.
The Bainbridge Jr. is designed for ease of handling, weighing in at thirteen pounds and able to stack ten high.
The Captain brings to mind Victorian ship commanders of old, done in the classic design of that era.
The Risley is a Neo-Gothic design centered with a wide banister, with the added bonus of stackability for easy manuevering.
The Virginian is one of our most contemporary designs, embracing an elegant look while remaining both lightweight and durable.
Here’s to another excellent year in 2019!

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