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Rutgers Pharmacy School

beech hardwood chairs

Rutgers Pharmacy School

Beech Hardwood Chairs

Eustis Chair crafts custom hardwood chairs for many markets. Recently, Rutgers University contacted us. Basically, Rutgers loves our durable chairs designed to last a lifetime. When they were ready to order chairs for the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, they knew who to call. Accordingly, we worked closely with Rutgers University to help them choose the right chair. Evidently, Rutgers knew they wanted beech hardwood chairs. Furthermore, they looked through our myriad of chairs. Indeed, they love our Whitman design. The Whitman matches the prestige of their pharmacy school.   

According to their website, the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy:

  • Conducts world class research
  • The school advances basic science and improves human health
  • Aims to discover new pharmaceuticals, innovative technologies, and best practices in healthcare
  • Nationally and internationally recognized for the caliber of our research program


They ordered beech hardwood chairs from Eustis Chair in a Whitman chair design. We manufacture and deliver our Whitman chair in solid Beech hardwood to the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, which is the pharmacy school of Rutgers University. The well regarded school chose our sustainable school chairs for their unmatched durability, sustainability, and comfort. The Whitman chair is a durable variation of our popular Charleston chair and will be used in the School’s study area. 

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