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Westover School Dining Hall

Boarding School Chairs


We are proud to work with the Westover School. The Westover School is located in Middleburry, Connecticut. Westover decided on a renovation a large renovation project. The Westover School had a common problem that many college preparatory and boarding schools face. Their wood dining hall chairs do not stack. Furthermore, stacking chairs are extremely convenient time saving. Non-Stacking chairs create headaches for the school’s facilities team.  Every time the floors need to be cleaned or the room needs to be rearranged, the facilities team needs to move the chairs. With stacking chairs, the chairs can be stacked and relocated with ease. Then, the team can unstuck and put the chairs back in their place when needed. The Westover Schools’ problems will all be solved when we install our new stacking chairs.  


In August, we will deliver  200 stacking Eustis Chairs. The school, their dining hall renovation architect, OMR Architects, and also consultant Cynthia Westerman, chose our Merrimac boarding school chairs. The Merrimack is perfect for the dining hall because they are lightweight and stack ten chairs high. Furthermore, they come with a 20 year warranty protecting against Eustis Joint failure and are extremely comfortable. Contact us today to learn how our U.S. made stacking hardwood chairs can help your school.

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