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Boston Symphony Orchestra Chooses Eustis Chair

Boston Symphony Orchestra Chooses Eustis Chair

The Boston Symphony Orchestra is well-known. In fact, they put on over 250 shows each season. The inaugural concert happened in 1881. Consequently, today the orchestra reaches millions of fans.

When the symphony is not playing at Boston’s Symphony Hall, they rent it out to the public. Our favorite room in the Symphony Hall is the O’Block-Kay Room. In fact, this room can seat 110 people comfortably. The carpet is a vibrant red. Elegant chandeliers hang from the ceiling. Indeed, even the entrances are grand! During its last renovation the BSO hired architects to renovate our favorite room in the place. Who do you think they called? Eustis Chair makes elegant dining chairs that are a perfect match for this space! 

Renovation Project- Boston Symphony Orchestra

Working with Cambridge Architects Epstein Joslin, the BSO today chose our Bohemian chair for its renovation of the O’Block-Kay Room. This great dining room chair will bring traditional elegance and superior patron comfort to the BSO function space, without sacrificing the ability to easily move and store the chairs. Next, the Bohemian stacks 6-8 high. Finally, it comes with our remarkable 20 year warranty.

In summation, Eustis Chair is a fan of the BSO. Finally, the BSO is a fan of Eustis Chair.

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