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Cornell University 5th Chair Order

College Chairs 

Cornell University, founded in 1865, is in Ithaca, New York. There are more than 600 buildings on the main Ithaca campus today. Cornell University is an Ivy League institution and part of the Ancient 8. It is often described as the first “American” university. 18 colleges and schools make up the current campus. Cornell employs over 1600 faculty members and 7400 staff members. 

Members of the Cornell campus community are smart. They look for long lasting products to serve their campus for many years to come. Eustis Chair happens to make such products. Thus, we make an excellent match. Eustis Chair has worked with many Ivy League institutions. Cornell University is in good company. 

We built Cornell University 5 orders of Eustis Chairs. Cornell University placed their first order for Oberlin college chairs in 2004. They placed their next order in 2005. In 2006 we got another call. Cornell University was ready to order more chairs. They followed suit in 2007 and placed yet another order. In 2011, they contacted Eustis Chair again. There are now 300 Eustis chairs in service on campus! They still tell us, “Nobody builds them like Eustis Chair.”

We look forward to working with Cornell University and their other Ivy League counterparts for many years to come! 


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