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collegiate Gothic style chairs

Wooden Chairs Create Beautiful Spaces

Collegiate Gothic Style Chairs


There’s no substitution for a beautiful wooden chair. Furthermore, wood chairs are by far the classiest seating an institution can put in any venue. Can you imagine a beautiful space like Harvard University‘s Memorial Hall Dining Hall without wooden chairs? We certainly can’t. Our sole focus at Eustis Chair is to design and manufacture the best hardwood chairs on the market. We also design our chairs for signature, high use spaces of all kinds. This sometimes includes creating custom chairs for unique institutions. Our stacking and non-stacking wooden chairs upgrade the elegance of any room. They bring warmth and a special look that only wood chairs can provide.


We have over 70 different chair models ranging from traditional collegiate Gothic style chairs, Chippendale chairs, cross-back chairs, to modern minimalist wooden chairs. Each chair is built to withstand decades of daily use. Our chairs serve many spaces such as dining halls, classrooms, libraries, board rooms, restaurants, churches and synagogues. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with some remarkable, U.S. made, wooden chairs. We would love to aid you in your next renovation project regardless of the venue! Photo credit: Pink Orchid Weddings.

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