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Yale University Bass Library Custom Chair

Custom Made Chairs

Yale University enjoys working with Eustis Chair, and the feeling is mutual. For this project with Yale University, Eustis Chair paired up with Chicago based HBRA Architects. Yale University knew they wanted custom made chairs for their major renovation of the Bass Library, formerly known as the Cross Campus Library. After researching custom chair companies, Yale University chose Eustis Chair

Aric Lasher of HBRA approved the first prototype created by Eustis. (See: The prototype pictured on the right.) We thrilled both the architects and the clients with this new chair. 190 side chairs and 90 arm chairs will be delivered to Yale University in September.

Finally, view our Academic Library Installations page to see photos from the Gothic styled library and other projects. Eustis Chair designs custom chairs for many of our clients. Just because we do not have a chair that perfectly fits your project, do not fret. Just like Yale University, we are happy to create a prototype chair for your project as well. Contact us today to discuss your new custom chair designs. We can combine elements of several of our chairs just for you. Eustis Chair also makes antique replications of chairs to match existing pieces.

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