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Rice University

Custom Replica Chairs

Every one of our chairs is custom made. What does that mean? We make every single order exactly the way you want it. In fact, we make everything from the model, hardwood, stain, and upholstery to match your institution’s needs. We are also experts at historical reproductions. We are always happy to remake a model of our chairs exactly the way you want it.  

Rice University came to us for a renovation project. In planning the renovation of their Baker College Commons, Rice University architects dug through their archives. They found a photo from 1920 that they thought would help with the new renovation.  Furthermore, the photo showed a dining room full of chairs just like our Edison Chair. Rice wanted to restore the dining hall to the former 1920s glory. 

They were delighted to learn that we manufacture custom replica chairs of their original chair. They praised our company for being extremely accommodating to their institutions needs. After a little back and forth and refining of their idea, we manufactured 650 Edisons for Harvard University in 1995. After 17 years of hard use, 600 chairs are still standing! This was not our first project with Rice University and we hope it will not be our last! 

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