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Dependable Chairs

Dependable Chairs: A Rare and Valuable Commodity in the Furniture Industry


The furniture industry is booming, with a wide range of designs and styles available to consumers. However, as the demand for fashionable furniture increases, the focus on sturdiness and dependability has dwindled. The majority of mass-market chairs produced overseas are flimsy and breakable, while expensive ones prioritize form over function, making them uncomfortable and overly aesthetic.


As Donald Judd wrote in the 90s, “If a chair is not functional, it is ridiculous.” Unfortunately, many of the chairs on the market today are just that – ridiculous. Stylish fast furniture has become the norm, leaving those who value dependability and sturdiness struggling to find chairs that will stand the test of time.


Solid Craftmanship


In 2021, The New York Times published an article on the importance of solid craftsmanship when such a thing is rare. The article emphasized the need for straightforward functionality to replace the desire to conflate furniture with art. The focus should be on livability and durability, not just on aesthetics. The Times noted that high-quality wood furniture is becoming increasingly difficult to find in the United States. However, furniture that is “sturdy,” “dependable,” and “made for real life” is something many institutions desire. The article ended with a wish for multi-generational furniture, recognizing that chairs should be made to withstand being used, battered, repaired, and utilized for generations.


Dependable chairs are not only desirable for their sturdiness and longevity but also for their sustainability. Fast furniture is detrimental to the environment, and according to statistics, over nine tons of cheap furniture and home furnishings ended up in landfills in 2015. Interior designer Barbara Schmidt, who spoke to Forbes in 2019, claims that furniture has become more disposable than collectible, which means pieces are not well-made enough to be used for decades. Schmidt emphasizes the importance of choosing eco-friendly, ethically, and sustainably sourced products that are made to last.


Eustis Chair


Eustis Chair, a leading manufacturer of custom wooden chairs, has taken this concept of dependability and sustainability to heart. Their chairs are designed to last, with the Eustis Joint providing both comfort and durability. The company offers a wide range of beautiful designs that are built to stand the test of time.


The Eustis Joint is a unique design that utilizes the natural properties of wood to create a joint that is stronger than the wood itself. This joint provides exceptional sturdiness and dependability. The company offers a 20-year warranty, making them the most dependable chairs in the industry.


Eustis Chair’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of responsibly sourced wood and its dedication to creating chairs that will last for decades. Not only is this environmentally sustainable, but it also ensures that customers can rest easy knowing that their chairs won’t fail them like others on the market.




In conclusion, dependable chairs are a rare and valuable commodity in the furniture industry. The demand for fashionable furniture has led to a decrease in the focus on sturdiness and dependability, leaving those who value longevity and sustainability struggling to find chairs that will stand the test of time. Eustis Chair has taken up the challenge of creating dependable chairs, with a focus on both durability and design. With the Eustis Joint and a 20-year warranty, Eustis Chair has set a new standard for dependability in the furniture industry.


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