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Kennedy School of Government Dining Chair

Kennedy School of Government Dining Chair


It is the oldest university in the United States. To say Harvard University is a well-respected institution would be an understatement. Harvard has trained top individuals in every field since 1636. In 1636 the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony approved the start of Harvard. We sure are glad they did.

Harvard boasts world class art and science museums on campus. Their campus is beautiful- especially in winter! They have over 36,000 students who attend Harvard in some form. Eustis Chair has had an ongoing relationship with Harvard since our beginning over 30 years ago! For this project, Harvard needed new dining chairs. Eustis Chair offers a vast selection of dining chairs, so we were able to help.  

Harvard University‘s Kennedy School of Government issued an order today for 75 chairs for its Allison Dining Room. The Allison Dining Room is a place where government ministers and educators gather from around the world. Eustis Chair worked with Boston-based Baker Design Group for this project. We modified our very comfortable Federal Reserve chair to create the perfect dining chairs for this space. 

Eustis Chair makes every chair project to order. We look forward to working on yours. 

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