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Hardwood Dining Hall Chairs

Community Building & Hardwood Dining Hall Chairs


What brings people together? We like to build a better community by sharing a meal around a table. Even better if the table has hardwood dining hall chairs! Research from the University of Oxford shows the more often people eat with others, the more likely they are to feel happy and satisfied with their own lives. Therefore, science shows that we are hardwired to be happier when we share meals with others. In addition, Eating is a social affair. Similarly, it is closely tied in with the local culture. Scientific studies show communal eating increases social bonding and feelings of well-being in individuals.


Below we’ve included a video created by Westminster Prep School highlighting their family style dining approach to community building. In 2009, we manufactured the custom chairs called the Westminster Chair for the Westminster Prep School. They loved our design so much, they ordered more. We installed 600 additional Westminster Stacking family style dining hall chairs into the Armstrong Dining Hall in the Westminster school in 2017. Our Eustis chairs have been serving the community effortlessly ever since. The beautiful, well-lit dining hall seats over 500 people for family-style lunch, and fosters a sense of intimacy and engagement among students and faculty. In conclusion, they are using science to build their school community.


Westminster School Armstrong Dining Hall




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