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durable wooden chairs

UK Law Library

University of Kentucky Selects Durable Wooden Chairs


To begin, University of Kentucky opens their new Law School building and library on September 6th 2019. Additionally, University of Kentucky is in Lexington, Kentucky. The law school building is a state of the art $53 million dollar project. The new building is specifically for law students. It is a collaborative space. It promotes growth and innovation. The building is for faculty and students alike. 


In addition, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates of NYC and Sherman Carter Barnhart of Lexington, KY  designed the building. KPC Architectural Products is a long time Eustis Chair customer. They are located in Lexington, KY as well.  KPC is the furniture dealer and installer who oversees the receiving and setup of the hundreds of pieces of furniture.


The old law building built in 1965 was outdated for the following reasons:


  • The program was growing
  • The building needed more space to accommodate the students
  • The educational needs could not be met by the old facility
  • The old facility lacked comfortable study and lounge space


The new building, however, is a shining star on campus. It allows students an even higher quality education. In fact, it better prepares them for their professional careers so they can truly make their mark on the world.

The massive new Law building includes:


  •  A courtroom
  • Upgraded classrooms
  • Study spaces
  • Libraries
  • Personal lockers
  • Vending machines
  • Student lounges
  • Two terrace study spaces
  • A lactation room


Students embrace the school’s dedication to more study spaces. Most law students report staying in the law building all day. They attend classes, study in between classes, and grab a coffee to refresh themselves.


Study Chairs


What is a comfortable study space?

  • The atmosphere makes the space
  • Low noise levels
  • Dedicated personal space
  • Comfortable, yet durable, seating


We are thrilled to provide University of Kentucky with durable wooden chairs. For instance, our study chairs help students achieve academic success. We work closely with the University and KPC Architectural Product. UK’s Law Library is our second installation of our Cascade chair. In fact, the Cascade was originally designed for King County Library Systems. For our projects, we work with the UK Law Library to customize the Cascade with arms. 


Therefore, The University of Kentucky Law Library is a premiere example of state of the art academic innovation. In fact, it sets the precedent for academic building renovations across the country.

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