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Elegant Hardwood Chair

Regency at Monroe

Elegant Hardwood Chair

The quest is on for elegant hardwood chairs that also stack. But what is all the rage about? Well, we can answer that. Everyone knows hardwood chairs are the most elegant, comfortable, and luxurious. So what’s the problem? Most hardwood chair manufacturers craft their chairs with weak joinery. However, typical wood joinery is likely to losen or break after high usage. These chairs typically only last a few years of use. However, we craft most of our chairs, especially stacking chairs, with our patented Eustis Joint. Our joinery is complete with metal rods for support and retrograde epoxy for reinforcement. Furthermore, we are one of the only chair manufactures that provide stacking chairs (due to our superior joinery). Stacking chairs provide ease in storage, set up, and take down for events. 

Chicago based designers Mary Cook & Associates came to Eustis Chair in place of their their client, Toll Brothers. The designers said they wanted an elegant hardwood chair that stacks for the tennis pavilion at Regency at Monroe. They chose our Otesaga chair, designed 3 years ago for the Otesaga Resort Hotel in upstate NY. Like all of our hardwood stacking chairs, the Otesaga stacks 6-8 high, and comes with a 20 year warranty.

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