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Gillette stadium chairs

Eustis Chair Elevates Fan Experience with Gillette Stadium Chair Project

In a thrilling development for both sports enthusiasts and design aficionados, Eustis Chair has recently completed the manufacturing and delivery of 1,000 Virginian 2 Club Chairs to the prestigious Gillette Stadium. These luxurious chairs, featuring a fully upholstered back for unrivaled comfort, are set to grace the East Side Putnam Club, elevating the seating experience for thousands of fans.



The Virginian 2 Club Chair: A Touch of Luxury


Eustis Chair’s Virginian 2 Club Chair is a testament to our company’s commitment to superior craftsmanship and ergonomic design. With a fully upholstered backrest that prioritizes comfort without compromising on style, these chairs are a game-changer in the world of stadium seating. They are designed not just for utility but also to offer an inviting and comfortable space for fans to enjoy the game.


The Putnam Club: A Premier Seating Experience


The East Side Putnam Club, nestled within Gillette Stadium, is a sprawling 40,000-square-foot indoor seating area that redefines the concept of stadium luxury. It is here that the 1,000 Virginian 2 Club Chairs will find their home, ensuring that spectators can revel in the game with unparalleled comfort and class.


Within the Putnam Club, attendees are treated to a host of amenities that make their stadium experience truly exceptional. From private bathrooms and food stations to well-stocked bars, the club caters to every need of its privileged guests. It boasts some of the most coveted seats in the entire stadium, offering not just proximity to the action but also a premium atmosphere for socializing and networking.


Versatile Seating for Signature Events


One of the standout features of the Putnam Club is its versatility, made even more dynamic with the addition of Eustis Chair’s Virginian 2 Club Chairs. This premier indoor seating area is not limited to game days alone; it is a sought-after venue for signature events and meetings. With Eustis Chair’s new stacking chairs, the space can easily transform from theatre-style seating for presentations to banquet seating for gala dinners. The chairs are designed with adaptability in mind, ensuring that the Putnam Club can accommodate a wide range of events seamlessly.


Moreover, the Virginian 2 Club Chairs are stackable up to 10 high, allowing for convenient storage when the need arises. This flexibility ensures that the club can swiftly transition from a formal gathering to a vibrant cocktail party, making it a preferred choice for hosting a variety of functions.


Eustis Chair Project


Eustis Chair’s installation of 1,000 Virginian 2 Club Chairs at Gillette Stadium’s East Side Putnam Club marks a significant enhancement of the fan experience. With a focus on comfort, style, and versatility, these chairs are set to elevate the enjoyment of sports events and signature gatherings alike. As the Putnam Club continues to provide an unparalleled experience to its patrons, the collaboration with Eustis Chair exemplifies the commitment to excellence that both entities share. It’s a winning combination that promises unforgettable moments for fans and event attendees at Gillette Stadium.

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