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Gillioz Theater chairs

Featured Project: Gillioz Theatre

Eustis Chair recently manufactured 20 chairs for the Gillioz Theatre. Located in Springfield, Missouri, this historic theater wanted new seats for its box seating area. With new stackable chairs from Eustis Chair, the Gillioz will be able to put out the exact number of chairs needed for patrons to sit during each performance.


History of the Gillioz Theatre


The theater originally opened in 1926 and is currently on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. M. E. Gillioz built it. Since he was in the business of construction and building bridges, the theater was built using mostly steel and concrete. Mr. Gillioz secured a 100-year lease on one 16-foot wide piece of property which bordered U.S. Route 66. It was a perfect spot for the theater to garner patrons who traveled on that historic highway. The Gillioz was the area’s premier entertainment venue during the early years. The theater was originally a transition theater, with a Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ for silent movies and a stage for live performances, such as vaudeville acts. 


Over the years, the Gillioz has hosted a myriad of impressive people and events. In 1938, it held the movie premiere of “Swing Your Lady” with Humphrey Bogart. In 1952, it held the premieres of “The Winning Team” and “She’s Working Her Way Through College,” both starring Ronald Reagan. Elvis Presley once passed an afternoon watching a film at the Gillioz after finishing a sound check for an evening show at the nearby Shrine Mosque. In more recent times, the Gillioz has hosted performers such as Billy Ray Cyrus, Kacey Musgraves, and other talents. There are even rumors of the old theatre being haunted. Factually, the theatre did have a death on New Year’s Eve 1962 when the projectionist died at his post prior to starting a midnight screening. It is a favorite spot for paranormal investigation.

The Gillioz Theatre

Courtesy of The Gillioz Theatre.


The Gillioz Today


The Gillioz Theatre is now operated by the Gillioz Center For Arts & Entertainment, a non-profit committed to preserving the space and enhancing the artistic quality of life for the community. Restoration of the theater began in 1990 and was completed in October 2006, eighty years after the original opening. The seating capacity is 595 on the orchestra level and 420 on the balcony. The lobby and auditorium were restored to the original 1926 appearance. The goal was to preserve the historic features, things like scrolled brackets, flowerlike medallions, intricate patterns in gold leaf and blue, plus crests and urns and more palatial details found throughout. 


The Gillioz has experienced a strong resurgence, including being named a top event venue by both 417 Magazine and the Springfield Newsleader. In 2017 the Gillioz was named a top 5 event venue under 4000 seats by the Academy of Country Music. It serves many functions for the community: Broadway productions, theatre, movies, religious gatherings, arts education, school programs, banquets, concerts, film festivals, weddings, conventions, and television broadcasts.


Eustis Chairs at the Gillioz


We are proud to have worked with such a long-standing community staple as the Gillioz Theatre. Eustis Chair hopes they enjoy their durable stacking chairs. Stackable hardwood chairs are such a great option for any space. They allow for any room or area to be easily converted between functions. Similarly, the space can be customized to whatever event is being held. Furthermore, stackable chairs are easy to move and stack 6-8 high to save tons of storage space. The Gilioz ordered Council Room side and armchairs for their space, which will look great and last for decades. 

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