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grill room chair

Duquesne Club Orders Eustis Chairs

Grill Room Seating


The Duquesne Club is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They first purchased Eustis Chair Grill Room seating in 2013 for one of their dining room spaces.


What is a grill room?


grillroom[ gril-room, -roo m ]


a restaurant or dining room, as in a hotel, that specializes in serving grilled meat and fish.


Our Second Project


Based on the success of our grill room chair project, the Club came back to us with a new request. This time they wanted a new chair for their latest dining room renovation.


We worked together with the Club’s management. We have designed and are currently building our new Duquesne chair as both arm and side chairs. This new chair features furniture nail trim work. It is supremely comfortable. The chairs are also durable, thanks to our patented Eustis Joint® construction. As always, we offer our 20 year guarantee on each and every Eustis chair made with a Eustis Joint. Contact us today to learn more about this chair, or to discuss your next chair project or renovation.

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