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hardwood chairs

UCLA Hardwood Chairs

Hardwood Chairs

UCLA chose Eustis Chair for their phased library chair replacement program. The elegant Powell Library at UCLA has 800 hardwood chairs that have lasted 10 years, but are now falling apart. Furthermore, most of the chairs are breaking at the joints. We all know students love to lean back in their chairs, however, that is not possible without breakage for most hardwood manufacturers. Most manufactures use mortise and tenon joinery, which isn’t as strong as our patented joinery. However, we make our chairs with steel rods and retrograde epoxy for added stability. Our chairs are the strongest on the market. 

When searching for the perfect chair, they looked long and hard(wood). They wanted a chair the most comfortable, yet durable chair possible. In the end, they chose the elegant and durable Charleston Chair. They hoped the chairs would be a phased replacement of all their old chairs. The Charleston is made with our patented Eustis Joint®, and carries a 20-year warranty against joint failure. Our chairs will last UCLA likely many decades and constant wear and tear. Also, the students can comfortable lean back in their chairs while hanging out and studying! We hope to work with UCLA again in the near future (but not too near!). 

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