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Harkness Chair

Belmont Hill School

Harkness Chair

The Harkness method has become extremely popular among boarding schools across the United States. The Harkenss style emphasizes unified, collaborative work among students and staff. Furthermore, this method is growing and is employed at many boarding schools. Therefore, Harkness tables were created to encourage this collaborative style. Of course, schools that ordered these tables needed a custom Harkness chair to fit under the tables. Luckily, we made all of our chairs custom and made to order. We were more than happy to manufacture a chair perfect for this learning style. 
 Stefura Associates are Boston designers. This team worked with the Belmont Hill School and asked us to make a stacking version of our popular Boise Harkness chair, the Harkness. Furthermore, these chairs, of course,  would be used around Harkness Tables. In fact, they will be installed in newly opened Melvoin Academic Center. The new Boise Stack has the same comfort and great looks of the original Boise. In addition, it also stacks 6-8 high for storing, set up, and take down purposes. And because the Boise Stack is engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, it comes with our remarkable 20 year warranty. We hope to work with more boarding schools like the Belmont School more on Harkness projects in the future.

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