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HBS Spangler Grillroom

Harvard Dining hall chairs

Harvard Dining Hall Chairs

Five years ago Harvard Business School opened The Spangler Center. The center featured an elegant Grillroom in the 1920’s style of the original HBS campus. The Windsor-style chairs selected for the facility did not hold up. In fact, the chairs were breaking at the joints and hardwood. Therefore, HBS decided to replace them with our Tall Edison chairs. Eustis Chair built 650 of our similar, but shorter Edison chairs for Harvard University‘s Annenberg dining hall. The dining hall is located in Memorial Hall and was built in 1995.  Furthermore, all but 30 of our old chiars  are still in service after 11 years. We are extremely proud of our chairs and their ability to withstand daily use by 1,200 college freshmen. Our Tall Edison chairs were the perfect Harvard dining hall chairs. 

Harvard is a repeat customer for many reasons. First and foremost, Harvard is very local and only a short drive away. Next, the founder of our company, Fred Eustis actually attended Harvard Business school himself. Following, Harvard loves that our chairs have lasted decades, thanks to our patented joinery. Lastly, we are one of the only vendor that makes stacking hardwood chairs, perfect for storage, set up, and take down for events. 

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