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mid century modern chair for Harvard University

Harvard Divinity School Orders Mid-Century Modern Chairs by Eustis Chair

Harvard Divinity School Project

The team at Ann Beha Architects reached out to Eustis Chair to design a custom chair. Ann Beha’s practice is located in Boston where they plan, design, and provide historic preservation for clients around the world. For this project, they worked with Harvard Divinity School.

From Andover Hall to Swartz Hall


The school is renovating Swartz Hall (formerly known as Andover Hall). Andover Hall, completed in 1911, housed the Andover Theological Seminary. Harvard bought the building in 1935, and it has owned it since then. The Swartz Hall renovation is a large undertaking. For this project, the building got new electrical, plumbing, and climate control systems. Floors were re-modeled. 3,200 square feet were added to the building. Swartz Hall is the largest, mixed-use project on Harvard’s campus to utilize the University’s Healthier Building Materials Academy (HBMA). HBMA is a joint venture from such on-campus groups as Harvard’s Office for Sustainability and public health, medical, and engineering faculty. Their main goal is to ensure the campus space, and the materials in it, are not harmful to the people who enter. They also focus on sustainable materials.

Eustis Chair Unveils a New Chair

Eustis Chair designed and built 40 custom Mid Century Modern chairs in FSC certified Red Oak. FSC is the highest standard given to wood. It has to be sustainably harvested from responsibly managed forests to get the rating. Of course, these chairs feature our proprietary Eustis Joint construction. They come with a 20-year warranty but will last much longer. We were inspired by historic Danish and Swedish chairmakers. We knew that adding our own joint technology could make this transitional design a durable one. 
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