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Historical Reproduction Chair

Louis XIV Chair

Historical Reproduction Chair

Historical reproduction chairs are some of our most prized work. In fact, craftsman make historical reproduction chairs almost entirely of wood. Plastic and metal chairs are a fairly new, modern concept to seating. Historic chairs in the 18th century were a signifier of wealth. 

Therefore, we designed our Louis chair to match the elegance of the historic Louis Chair. The new Louis chair is styled after the design period of King Louis XIV, and 18th century France. Wood workers applaud his historical chair for its elegance and beautiful details. However, wood workers do not praise the 18th century chair for its durability. Therefore, we decided to construct our reproduction chair. This makes our chair the most durable joinery on the market.  Yet, the engineering is totally modern. We make each chair to order in our US Factory. Customers an customized all of our chairs with their choice of hardwood, model, stain, and any commercially available leather or fabric. The Louis is manufactured with our patented Eustis Joint®.

Our reproduction is called the Louis dining chair. Furthermore, the chair stacks six to eight chairs high, perfect for high use spaces. The Louis is elegant and comfortable. Because its made with a Eustis Joint, it also comes with an unmatched 20 year warranty. Furthermore, our warranty protects against joint failure at all costs; we promise our chairs will last a lifetime.

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