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library arm chairs

Coronado Public Library Chairs

Library Arm Chairs


It’s no surprise that the Coronado Public Library lives up to its name. The name Coronado is Spanish for “the crowned one”. It it is famous as its coveted peninsula location in San Diego Bay. The library was founded the same year as the city itself. In turn, it is point of pride for its community. During the turn of the century, the Coronado Library Trustees built a classical revival building for the library.  It still stands today and serves as the Spreckels Reading Room. However, the reading room that needed a facelift. Chairs that the library had for the space weren’t holding up. The library director looked at multiple chairs before deciding on our Charleston model. 
The Charleston will now complement the splendor of their original library space to the fullest extent. The remarkable comfort and aesthetic appeal has won accolades like the Modern Library Awards Gold Medal, which has spurred further excitement in trying these chairs nationwide. With Coronado’s purchase comes the most valuable seat engineering on the market with the proprietary Eustis Joint. For libraries across the country, Eustis Chairs make it possible to allocate resources to other projects without worrying over replacing their furniture. Even in spaces with the highest demands, our chairs with our Eustis Joint truly stand the test of time with a twenty-year warranty and five times that of a service life. 

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