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Furniture Trends: Light Hardwood Furniture


The popularity of light-colored hardwood furniture is a trend you can expect to see more of in upcoming years. This trend is already popular in many Scandinavian countries.

In places such as Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, light hardwoods are not only used for furniture. Light colored woods are also seen as finishes for walls and ceilings. These light colored finishes make any room feel brighter, even on dreariest of days. 

At Eustis Chair, we love working with light colored woods. Pairing hardwood with a clear finish allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular species of light colored hardwood. 


Maple Hardwood 

The color of maple hardwood ranges from a very pale yellow to off white. This hardwood is typically harvested from the East coast of the USA. Additionally, it is a very strong and durable wood species. From our experience, a clear stain helps bring out the natural beauty of maple. 


Recently, the La Mirada Public Library used maple hardwood chairs by Eustis Chair for a renovation project. This naturally light colored hardwood looks great, and adds brightness into the space. 

la mirada light hardwood chair

American Ash 

Secondly, American ash is another light hardwood species we love. Indeed, American ash is naturally light brown in color. Similarly, American ash is a strong wood species often harvested off the East Coast of America. It features a prominent grain design that is naturally eye catching. Indeed, many baseball bats and musical instruments are made of American ash! 


Eustis Chair recently manufactured custom Charleston chairs in American ash for The Portsmouth library. These chairs will stand strong for decades, thanks to the combination of American ash and our signature Eustis Joint technology. 

light hardwood portsmouth

Red Oak

Red oak is another light colored hardwood we love to work with. It should be on your radar too! American red oak tends to have a light red tint. Red oak is both strong and durable.


In 2019, Eustis Chair manufactured chairs in red oak for the Rose Reading Room. This room is located in the renowned New York Public Library. Next time you are in NYC, swing through the Rose Reading Room. Better yet, make yourself comfortable. Sitting in a beautiful chair in a beautiful space is the best way to experience our chairs.

light style hardwood NYPL


In conclusion, wood remains one of the most popular and sustainable furniture materials. It turns out our Scandinavian counterparts are on to something. Light hardwoods really can brighten up any space. Lastly, light hardwood furniture is a trend we can get behind!


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