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Brewster Academy

Celebrating a Decade of Excellence: The Eustis Chair Merrimac Stacking Chairs at Brewster Academy


A decade ago, Eustis Chair embarked on a project that would stand the test of time—just like the exquisite chairs we crafted for Brewster Academy’s Estabrook Dining Hall. Today, as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this remarkable project, we’re thrilled to share the story of our enduring partnership with Brewster Academy and how our Merrimac stacking chairs have become an integral part of the dining experience at this prestigious institution.


Tradition Meets Innovation at Brewster Academy


Nestled in the picturesque town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Brewster Academy is not just a school; it’s an institution steeped in history, with nearly two centuries of tradition. The academy’s mission is to nurture each student’s unique talents and skills, fostering curiosity, confidence, and responsibility. To uphold this mission, Brewster Academy has always been committed to providing a well-rounded and exceptional education in every aspect, including dining.


Ten years ago, the school embarked on a journey to renovate its Estabrook Dining Hall. Collaborating with the renowned Lavallee/Brensinger Architects, whose dedication to helping clients reach their goals mirrors Brewster Academy’s commitment to excellence, a critical decision needed to be made—the choice of seating. The challenge was to find a lightweight hardwood stacking chair that not only met the school’s aesthetic and comfort requirements but also aligned with their focus on sustainability.


Eustis Chair: The Perfect Seating Solution


Brewster Academy meticulously reviewed several seating options, evaluating their durability, design, and sustainability. After careful consideration, they chose to partner with Eustis Chair. Like Brewster Academy, Eustis Chair is dedicated to sustainability and excellence in craftsmanship. With a rich legacy of crafting high-quality, long-lasting chairs, Eustis Chair was the ideal choice for this prestigious project.


After exploring our extensive collection, Brewster Academy selected our stackable Merrimac Chair for their dining hall renovation. The Merrimac Chair, weighing in at a mere 15 pounds, is one of our lightest-weight stacking hardwood chairs. Crafted from solid Ash and engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, this chair comes with an impressive 20-year warranty against joint failure. It’s a chair built to endure daily use and the passage of time, perfectly complementing Brewster Academy’s tradition of excellence.


Sustainable Dining at Brewster Academy


Brewster Academy’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the choice of chairs; it’s ingrained in their approach to dining. The academy’s culinary team prioritizes locally grown foods whenever possible, believing in their responsibility to provide the best quality, locally sourced, and reasonably priced foods for their students. Strong relationships with local purveyors have been cultivated, with a long-term goal of growing food tailored to student’s needs, all while keeping cost-effectiveness in mind.


The dining program at Brewster Academy goes beyond just serving meals. It’s an integral part of the educational experience. The dining room is designed to educate students about healthy food choices, emphasizing balanced nutrition. Cooking classes, a wood-fired brick oven, and a student-led dining committee all contribute to a vibrant and enriching dining experience.


A Look to the Future


Eustis Chair is honored to have played a role in Brewster Academy’s dining hall renovation project, which is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with the architects and this beautiful campus once again in the future, continuing to provide sustainable, elegant seating solutions that align perfectly with the institution’s values.


In conclusion, Brewster Academy’s dedication to tradition, sustainability, and excellence extends from the classroom to the dining hall. With their commitment to sourcing local, fresh ingredients and Eustis Chair’s contribution of lightweight, durable seating, Brewster Academy ensures that every aspect of student life is nourishing, comfortable, and filled with the promise of a brighter future. As we raise a toast to a decade of partnership, we celebrate the enduring legacy of the Merrimac stacking chairs at Brewster Academy—a testament to the timeless union of tradition and innovation.

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