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Lightweight Hardwood Stacking Chair

Brewster Academy

Lightweight Hardwood Stacking Chair

Brewster Academy, in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, is a boarding school. The school is almost 200 years old. That’s a lot of tradition! The school aims to teach to each student’s unique talents and skills. As a result, it offers an inclusive environment. They want students to be curious, confident, and responsible. The school worked with Lavallee/Brensinger Architects, a group of architects who strive to help clients reach their goals. Together, they determined they needed a lightweight hardwood stacking chair. We manufactured this stacking chair for their newest dining hall renovation. Their dining hall focuses on sustainability. Similarly, Eustis Chair focuses on sustainability as well! They reviewed several options. Ultimately, they decided to go with Eustis Chair. There is no better stacking hardwood chair on the market today. 

After looking through our chairs, Brewster Academy ultimately chose our Merrimac Chair for New Dining Hall. This chair only weighs 15 pounds. It is solid Ash. The Merrimac is one of our lightest weight stacking hardwood chairs. Finally, it is engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, the Merrimac comes with a 20 year warranty against joint failure.

Finally, we enjoyed our work for Brewster Academy. We hope to work with the architects and this beautiful campus again soon.  

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