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Harvard Chair

The Mid Century Modern Stacking Chair

The Mid Century Modern Stacking Chair by Eustis Chair combines style, comfort, and subtle chicness.  


History of the Mid Century Modern Stacking Chair


The Mid Century Modern was a custom design for the Harvard Divinity School. This Harvard school teaches its students the academic study of religion or leadership roles in religion, government, and service. We collaborated with Ann Beha Architects to craft the perfect chair for their needs. This stackable design helped the Harvard Divinity School meet its sustainability goals for its new project through our sustainable manufacturing practices. Additionally, the light stain matches their historic interior, giving each room a stylized, minimalistic simplicity. 


Improving a Classic Design 


The Mid Century Modern Stacking Chair is one of the newest Eustis Chair designs. Inspired by Danish and Swedish chair makers, what did we bring to the table to make this design unique? Quality! Eustis Chair utilizes our proprietary joint design, which is more durable than the hardwood itself. To demonstrate our confidence in the quality this joint offers, we supply a 20-year warranty against joint failure.  


Additionally, all our chairs are custom made in the USA. This means not only do buyers get the advantage of customization, but they are also supporting an American business. All of our chairs can be stained or painted any way you like. Eustis Chair works hard to make your vision come to fruition.  


Eustis Chair makes all of our chairs out of sustainably sourced wood. Of course, this leads to a smaller carbon footprint. Pair that with our long-lasting joints. You can be sure these chairs provide long-lasting durability with no environmental guilt.  


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