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modern chair reproductions

Styles that have Stood the Test of Time

Modern Takes on Traditional Styles: Modern Chair Reproductions


Even though styles predictably have come and gone throughout the years, a lot of our Eustis Chairs are modern chair reproductions of fashionable historical trends.


William and Mary 1690-1730:


First, originally designed for English King William of Orange, the William and Mary chair is known for its clean lines and sturdy construction. Our own William and Mary chair provides similar stability and symmetrical cleanliness.

             Traditional            Eustis William and Mary Chair  


Chippendale 1755-1790:


Second, famous woodworker Thomas Chippendale was the first too mark this period of furniture design with his Book Gentlemen and Cabinet-Maker’s Director. We created similarly styled chairs including our Claremont Chair, emphasizing small details and elegant, smooth lines.


                 Traditional                   Eustis Claremont Chair


Federal 1790-1815:


Also, American ideals and patriotism inspired this growing era. Federal furniture depicts balance and symmetry but also distinctiveness and innovation. Seeing that our federal chair is also praised for its traditional reliability and sturdy spindles it is a perfect compliment. 

          Traditional                      Eustis Federal Chair


Empire (Classical) 1805-1830:


Next, the Empire style is a classical depiction of ancient Greece, Egypt, (the Chiavari Chair 1807 from Greece). Actually, our own Empire chair is a modern take on the open back and curved legged chair.

           Traditional                    Eustis Empire Chair


Gothic Revival 840-1860:


Next, styles found in the 12th-16th centuries inspired these modern Victorian reproductions. Attention to detail and elegance makes the gothic revival movement stand out. In fact, our Burton Judson chair is a modern representation of the elegant high and back ball detailed carved legs.

            Traditional                  Eustis Cotswold Chair


Louis XVI 1850-1914:


Lastly, ovals, arches, medallions, and other ornaments that provided elegance and status in the community marked this Victorian style time period. To point out, our Louis XVI Chair has the same shape and structure, with the modern take of the flat back and elegant curved connections and legs. 

                Traditional                   Eustis Louis XVI Chair



In conclusion, many Eustis Chairs are praised for their modern, yet traditional designs. 

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