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Modern Wooden Chair Designs

Modern Wooden Chair Designs  

Wooden furniture looks great in contemporary designs. Modern wooden chairs can add a touch of luxury and comfort to any space.


Modern Wooden Chair Designs  


Unlike other style descriptors, “Modern” style isn’t defined by any particular set of rules or expectations. The chairs listed below fit various niches that may fit the description of “modern” you are looking to incorporate. Wooden chairs work well in modern spaces. In fact, they can be custom stained to perfectly match and blend in with modern designs.


Statement Wood and Sleek Silhouettes 


Modern styles that highlight sleek outlines have plenty of options when it comes to hardwood chairs. The intricate detail and beauty of hardwood is a statement on its own. This is often the foundation of interior styles like minimalism, which rely on a few statement pieces to bring a space together.  Let the material speak for itself when looking for statement pieces and seek furniture with eye-catching features. Using a custom furniture manufacturer, like Eustis Chair, will ensure you will get exactly the look you desire.


Defined lines and Visually Interesting Architecture 


Defined lines are a component in many modern styles. Neoclassical design favors the look of furniture with well-defined silhouettes. The defined, classic lines of certain hardwood chair designs allow it to perfectly fit in modern spaces. Hardwood chairs can help to create a luxurious aesthetic. You can keep the defined silhouette and add a component of comfort by choosing hardwood chairs with upholstery. Upholstery, in contrast with the hardwood, can help tie together design aspects of spaces while still keeping the desired silhouettes.


Inspired By The Past


Furniture designs inspired by the past look great in modern spaces. Modern designs can take notes from something not as trendy, from classic styles to antique re-creation pieces. Integrating styles from past decades into interior design can add a visually beautiful contrast to any area. 


Art You Can Sit On! 


For the ultra-modern look, finding chairs with architecturally complicated designs can provide visual interest and add practical elements to space without sacrificing style. If you’re looking to make your space look like a work of art, wooden chairs can certainly help. Wooden chairs can even be re-stained to suit your changing needs throughout the years, so there’s no worry about a passing trend with this investment.  


Next time you’re looking to order hardwood chairs, consider Eustis Chair. Contact us today!

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