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wood engraving chair

Austin Preparatory School

Prep School Chairs


Three hundred Bainbridge Junior chairs make up the new dining hall at Austin Preparatory School, right in our home state of Massachusetts. Originally founded by the Order of Saint Augustine, it focuses on educating 750 middle- and high-school students in Reading. Eustis Chair came on board to add prep school chairs for a more inclusive dining experience. Before the renovations, the dining hall’s seating was not conducive to relaxed socializing and camaraderie. Long tables and benches made up the lunch options; this stifled the flow of mealtime and made students feel they must rush through it.


Austin Prep’s key decision makers relied on Eustis Chair to fix this and chose our Bainbridge Junior prep school chairs for their comfortable, traditional look. They also opted for custom laser engraving to add an exemplary touch. We delivered these chairs in late August last year before the school year began. They became a focal point of the dining hall’s grand opening in September. Austin Prep, pleased with our craftsmanship, purchased fifteen more later in the school year; we delivered these this last month. The headmaster, students, and alumni of the school all agree that the new hall excels, with alums saying “It’s a better school, [and] it’s a brighter school” with our part in the experience.

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