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Bellevue Library Renovation

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Public library chairs are a core part of our business. Libraries from across the nation come to us with renovation projects. They seek wooden chairs that are not only beautiful, but also extremely durable. Library chairs face much day to day wear and tear, so we build our chairs with the strongest joinery on the market.


King County Library System came to us with a renovation project. King Country Library System is located in Washington State. The renovation committee ordered 235 Northampton library chairs for the renovation of their Bellevue branch. In fact, this marks our fourth project with one of the busiest library systems in the country. The Bellevue branch is King County‘s largest library branch. The library is over 80,000 square feet.  ZGF Architects designed the library. King County’s Branch Managers love the elegance and patron comfort of our Northampton chair. Their purchasing committee love the durability and sustainability of the chair. Its durability was a huge selling point to the King Country Library System. The chair’s joint strength is made possible by our patented Eustis Joint®, is backed 20 year warranty, It is also made in our U.S. based factory.


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